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No picture dating site

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There are a few more things that the vacant slot in the photograph slot suggests, though: #3 You are too goddamn inept to figure out how to upload a jpeg. #4 You are too goddamn inept to even log in to your profile page again after signing up.#5 You think you are above social networking and online living, despite the fact that it has been credited as being for living (and working) in the 21st century. I really, really do.) #6 You really and truly believe that you are too busy to scour through your millions of digital photographs for that perfect shot that captures who you are.

“Instead of telling users who they should talk to, and what to like, we encourage users to talk with one another and find out who they like for themselves.For Christ’s sakes, if anyone on the social network thought this much about their profile picture, the world would have a dearth of crappy, fuzzy, and poorly taken (read: camera phone pointed at mirror, tilted sideways) pictures for us all to make fun of.Get over yourselves, you aren’t too busy to snap a picture and upload it. Having no profile photograph at all is just plain obnoxious, and it implies quite a bit about you that me-thinks you’d rather not have implied.The creation of 23-year-old Michael Brunch, Willow has a “talk first, reveal photos later” philosophy.Unlike pretty much every other site and app out there, there’s no rating system or algorithm that matches people based on compatibility.With over 800 million people on Facebook alone, not including the number of people on any number of the 200 or more social and dating networks out there, I have a hard time believing many people are intentionally sought out to be the victims of pervs anymore. Anyone who legitimately fits into #s 1 or 2 (as in, they actually do not post profile photos of themselves for one or both of these reasons) needs to be smacked in the face and told to get over themselves.

And in fact, of the people I know who do not post photographs of themselves on their online profiles, many of them refrain from doing so for reasons similar to these.

Maybe you’re a woman with a full beard; possibly you’re a man for whom the size of your entire face is roughly 1/8th the size of your nose.

Perhaps you are just like the rest of us going into our thirties and wondering when, exactly, the break-outs are actually going to stop.

It’s still true, faithful blog followers: we live in a material world and are a bunch of material girls.

#2 It further implies that if you are not horrible to look at, you are terribly narcissistic and paranoid.

My second is simply: how, exactly, would complete strangers swooning over your oh-so-debonair picture affect you anyway?