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In 1910, with the publishing company seeing moderate success, James David Vaughan, hit on an idea that within one year would double his songbook sales.

This version of the Stamps Quartet was billed as, and shown on recordings as, the Harley Lester Stamps Quartet.One day it was decided that they would swim their horses across the Kiamici River.For the most part, horses are pretty good swimmers, it seems to be a natural survival trait.Within the next five years the Vaughan organization would have sixteen salaried quartets on the road promoting the company’s products. Baxter had been managing a branch office in Texarkana, Texas for another music publisher, the A. At its peak the station boasted a one-million-watt transmiter,and a directional antenna that saturated the air waves of all points north.Always the innovator and consummate promoter, James D. It billed itself as, “the most powerful broadcasting station in the world,” and it was said that when atmospheric conditions were just right the station could be picked-up as far away as Finland. Brinkley’s medical flimflam to the world, but also introduced much of the planet to early country, western, hillbilly, and gospel music.The Hartford Music Company headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, was a competitor of Vaughan and Stamp-Baxter publishing enterprises.

The company had evolved out of the Central Music Company of Hartford, Arkansas in 1918 and was headed by Eugene Monroe “E.

This telling is sprinkled with our personal reminiscing, anecdotes, and observations, along with materials gleaned from numerous interviews with former group members, their families, friends and fans.

The visual elements contain herein have been drawn from a wealth of sources, with much having come from Jason’s own extensive collection of gospel music memorabilia.

All such elements are presented under the fair use clause of the copyright codes for educational purposes only.

In addition, we have compiled the most comprehensive discography ever assembled with regard to the recordings of the group.

Apparently the Stamps boys were not to be trifled with. Frank Stamps was tall and lanky, but with a quieter disposition, who had aspirations of pursuing a vocation as a lawyer. With the rapid growth of the company, branch offices were opened in South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas. With the end of the war, also came the end of Frank Stamps’ and J. Following the time-proven business models of Vaughn and Stamps-Baxter, Frank Stamps built his new publishing company on promotional singing schools, and quartets, including his new company Stamps Quartet.