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The second female, referred to as female B, also appeared to be the sole occupant of her vehicle.Female B had slightly longer and lightly curled very light blond hair, possibility bleached or highlighted.

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After unidentified terrorists had detonated a small improvised nuclear device in Houston, Texas in 2037 - at a cost of an estimated 180,000 lives - the country had floundered into a neurotic state of social introversion approximating that of a xenophobic Orwellian republic on the edge of economic collapse.What was also determined by those cameras was the visual identity of the persons believed to be operating the vehicles which stopped and blocked the tunnel's exit at the other end.Since those blocking vehicles were not destroyed in the disaster, investigators quickly matched those vehicles with images of vehicles entering the tunnel at the other end that afternoon.Like a bear burning its energy by haplessly swatting at the tiny bee which had stung it, the antiterrorist wars had depleted the nation's coffers without tangible success.What followed were the revocation of many basic civil rights and the amending of the Constitution - removing the clause "appropriate punishment for the crime." Judicial retribution ruled the day.She had either light brown or reddish hair which fell down her back to her mid shoulder blade level. The digitally enhanced tollbooth and tunnel exit photos of the women were distributed to news organizations about three weeks after the bombing.

Those images of two early middle aged females were soon broadcast on television news networks throughout the world.

Most Americans, on an emotional level, believed they were personally a victim, and they craved justice.

Juries handed out death sentences at an increasing rate.

The cameras showed that the two blocking vehicles were each driven by a single female with relatively short hair. The first of those females, then referred to by investigators as female A, appeared to have straight, short light to medium brown hair, cut with bangs in a wedged taper just slightly above the ear lobes on each side. She was of medium to slightly heavy build and appeared to be somewhat tan.

She was attractive and appeared to be in her late thirties.

It seemed to be parted to one side and just covered both of her ears completely, but did not touch the neckline.