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And in response to that fear, you feel compelled to make him reassure you or put a label on the relationship or prove his feelings towards you.

He said we’d talk to air out what happened, but never did.And being able to accept fear and give yourself and your partner permission to have fears is a healthy step along the way towards a better relationship.Hope that helps, eric charles Hi, I’m in a relationship with my boyfriend who started acting distant and disappeared for days at a time.Sometimes it’s a guys response to needy behaviors, sometimes it just gets triggered through his own fearful self-reflection.Regardless, giving a guy space to sort it out is the best way to respond if a guy is feeling this way.When I talk about a guy having a freak out phase, I’m just saying that the guy might be feeling like he’s losing control or freedom.

Not every guy goes through feeling that way, but many do.

Every time he mentioned going on a date with a girl I would cringe and he could tell.

Eventually, I got tired and told him that he needed to figure out his feelings.

You “need” him to respond in a certain way or else you’ll assume your worst fears are true and then you’ll get upset.

When a man feels that energy coming from a woman early in a relationship, it feels like coercion – he either has to give in and act how you want him to act or deal with you being upset.

The only reason I said that was because it was obvious he liked me too via the sexual flirting through text, the having me talk to his mom on the phone, the calling me at the middle of the night as he made his way home, the texting me when I wouldn’t text him in a day, etc.